Weekly Self-Evaluations of Yoga to Increase My Energy

Part of my Yoga project is to find out if I can increase my energy with a regular yoga practice.  I will use the rubric below to evaluate whether I am feeling an increase in my energy and whether I would attribute it to my yoga practice.  I will also keep a journal to help understand this. Be sure to check back for my progress.

Rubric to Measure Effects of Regular Exercise on Mental Focus, Energy & Positivity  Krista McMillen          ECI 831

1 2 3 4
Mental Focus

(And Time Management)

– had difficulty focusing on tasks all week – had difficulty focusing on tasks sometimes – had difficulty focusing on tasks occasionally – able to focus on mental tasks any time of day
Energy level – felt tired all week

– unable to complete many necessary tasks  this week

– felt tired 2 or more days this week

– unable to complete some of the tasks this week

– felt tired 1 day this week

– able to complete most of the tasks in my week

– felt energetic throughout the week

– able to complete all of the tasks in my week easily

Positivity & Stress Management – had many negative thoughts and emotions

– felt anxious, worried or stressed much of the time

– had some negative thoughts and emotions occassionally

– felt anxious, worried or stressed some of the time

– had positive thoughts and emotions most of the week

– felt calm and confident most of the week

– had positive thoughts and emotions  almost all week

– felt calm and confident almost all week


Date (week of): # Yoga Sessions/ Type of Yoga Mental Focus Energy Positivity Comments
Jan23-Jan 30
1 Yoga For Energy 3 2 2
tired in the evenings, felt stressed about completing IIP reports
Feb 6 2 Yoga For Energy 1 1 2
Had the flu on Wednesday night  and Thursday.  Didn’t feel back to health until Saturday.  Very busy weekend.  Not enough yoga!
Feb 13  1 Restorative Yoga  3  3  3
 Left for Phoenix on Thursday, relaxed with family.

Feb 20

 1 Restorative Yoga  2  3  2
 celebrated hubby and daughter’s birthday.  Came home to find out my mother had fallen and broken her leg, spent time at the hospital

Feb 27


Yoga with Adriene

 3  2  2
 found an excellent site and was able to fit in 3 sessions of yoga.  felt some stress due to the busy-ness of life. definite progress
Mar 5  2

Yoga with Adriende

 2  1  2
 It was a busy and stressful week – just one of those weeks!
Mar 12  2

Yoga with Adriene

 2  1  2
 Was sick this week.  Fit in 2 sessions of yoga.
Mar 19  3

Yoga with Adriene

 3  2 3
 Definitely felt stronger, more energetic, more positive.  Yoga was beneficial.
Mar 26  2

Yoga with Adriene

 2  2  2
 Very busy week.  Tired.