Online Resources for Yoga

Since I began focusing on my Yoga Learning Project I have researched many online resources.  I would like to review the sites I have tried as well as tell you about the pros and cons of Online resources versus in-person resources.

The best resource I have found to date for my own personal preferences is Yoga with Adriene.  Adriene’s site is through Youtube.  See more about my thoughts on this site in a previous post Week Four – Yoga Progress.

Some of the other resources I have tried are:


Jason Crandell on Youtube

I also enjoy going to local yoga studios when I can.  We have many in Regina.  Below are the three studios I have tried out over the years.  They are all fantastic.

Mind’s Eye Yoga Center

Maha Yoga

Bodhi Tree

However, I prefer to practice yoga in the comfort of my own home and without having to spend money.  I believe we should all be able to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle without spending a dollar.  Yoga was not created thousands of years ago with the intention of making anyone rich, only healthy, happy and more aware.  This is why Yoga with Adriene is currently my first choice.

I certainly understand that Yoga Instructors need to make a living.  And I am glad this option is available.  Without having an instructor in person, you do miss out on having someone to help you make corrections to your poses.  You also miss out on the relationships and energy of others in the room.  Having a community is certainly an important aspect in learning and progressing at anything.  I am currently trying to build an online community.  This also fits into my busy lifestyle more easily, as it is challenging getting to a studio for scheduled classes.

I would love to hear from other yogis out there.  What are your thoughts on paying for yoga classes? And what are your favourite online sources?

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