Yoga Success!

Finally I had a great yoga session!  There were two reasons my practice was a success;  my instructor and the venue.

I found a series of videos by Yoga with Adriene. She has a blog, website and YouTube channel.  I started her 30 Day Challenge.  Adriene’s focus is on paying attention to your own body and making your yoga practice work for you. I love that!  There are many options because every day and every person is different.  Sometimes your body is tight in one area and then the next day your tightness is in a totally different place.  I really enjoyed day one of the challenge.  It’s great for beginners but also good for more advanced yogis. I highly recommend it!

However,  I did feel a bit like a weirdo…. My daughter has synchronized swimming at the University on Mondays and Fridays.  I live in the north end so it’s not worth it to drive home and back again.  So I decided to use the open gym time tonight to do my yoga practice.  (Actually I really wanted to use the dance studio space,  but there was a class in there.) So I built up my courage, grabbed my mat and my phone and went into the gym.  There were a few people that came in to shoot hoops. I felt a bit embarrassed but kept going anyway.  I walked a few laps around the gym afterwards too. I felt great!  Maybe it should be more normal to see people doing yoga at the gym or park or wherever anyway – just as normal as seeing people shoot hoops. No one gave me any funny looks or seemed bothered in any way.  So I will get over feeling weird about this!  I was able to focus on me and my yoga practice,  with no distractions.  I will try it again.

Shout -out to Vanessa who I saw there before I started my yoga. A little spontaneous moral moral support never hurts!



5 thoughts on “Yoga Success!

  1. So nice to hear you had an enjoyable yoga session! I’ve been dabbling with yoga for a year now and have never regretted a single session. Hope you keep up with the challenge 🙂 you may learn many things about yourself in the end. I just wrote about my lessons learned after a 30 day challenge in January. Maybe take a peek if you have time!


  2. Awesome! Good for you! I often practice in the gym as well and get a few looks, but I try to just ignore them and keep going with my practice. I will be checking out your 30 day challenge. That would probably be a good way to stay focused and keep on track with your practice.

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  3. Good to know there are a few of us around doing yoga individually in gyms!
    Yes, I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Camp. It is very gentle but effective. You can read more about it my latest blog about my yoga progress (once it is complete :).


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