Bikram, You’re a Disgrace!

Bikram Choudhury, the creator of Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga, is currently up on charges in a  sexual harrassment case.

When most people think of a Yogi, they think of someone who is tolerant, kind, compassionate and loving.  If these allegations are true, Bikram certainly does not fit the description of what we would hope for in a leader in any area.

With other individuals such as Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshy up on similar charges recently, this topic is a highly relevant and important one.  Discussion about rape culture in our society has become more prevalent.  Historically, there has been a lot of blame placed on women when their bodies are violated. I hope this is beginning to change.

As a parent of one girl and one boy I am always conscious of the messages I send to both my children and about respecting yourself and others.

As I enter into my project on learning about Yoga, I will be closely watching this court case.


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