I love Yoga!

I have decided to my Learning Project on Yoga. My plan is to learn more about the history of yoga and the various types of yoga. I want to improve my yoga practice and my ability to perform the poses and sequences.
I have loved yoga for many years. I have always done yoga with a guide of some sort – an instructor or a video. I have heard terms being tossed around (Ashtangawho? Vinyasawhat?). I have always been curious to learn more about the different types and the history, but never really had a reason to, until now.
I have a basic knowledge of some of the most common poses (cobra, tree, triangles, downward dog) and the sun salutation sequence, and I use them regularly in my exercise routine. I have always found that I feel great when I regularly practice yoga (3-4 times/week). I feel stronger, more energetic, more positive, happy and motivated. I have read some articles about why yoga is beneficial. I know there is a lot of information out there.
Recently, I have heard some discussion around whether yoga is cultural appropriation. So I will also address this as I am on this journey.
This is the current knowledge that I have about yoga. I am excited to begin learning more and, hopefully, becoming a healthier me!

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